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What to Do If You Feel Undervalued at Work

9366984_mWhether you have been working for the same organisation for years or have just started working for a new one, occasionally you might find yourself feeling undervalued at work.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re being paid less than you think you should be – it could mean you haven’t had much praise for work projects, haven’t been recognised for excelling or have been denied a promotion. Either way it is crucial that you handle these feelings as they could spiral out of control and it could leave you feeling unmotivated.

Here are a few things to consider if you are feeling undervalued at work;

Assess Your CV Template

If you look back at your CV content and prior work experience it will help you to understand why you are feeling undervalued. What role did you do before this one? How did they make you feel appreciated? Write some thoughts down on your own work history and write some ideas down on what could make you feel more appreciated at work.


Feeling undervalued at work can make you feel unmotivated so it is crucial that you surround yourself with positive people. Spend time networking – you may even find that someone else feels the same as you do.


Spend time asking friends their advice to gain an impartial opinion. Talk through your feelings and make notes before you consider talking to anyone at work.

Talk to Your Manager

It is vital that you arrange a one-to-one meeting with your manager if you are still feeling undervalued. They should know the effect it is having on your work and unless you tell them about it, they cannot fix it! Make notes before the meeting, remain calm and be concise. It may feel awkward talking to your manager about your feelings, but afterwards you will feel relieved and it should help you to resolve your issues.