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What Questions Does An Employer Ask Your CV References?

Providing CV ReferencesWhenever you apply for a job you are often asked to include at least two references that can support your CV content and experience. The references part of your CV usually comes at the end and you can either include your references on your CV when applying for a job or list them as ‘references available upon request’ and give their details to your prospective employer once you are offered the job. An employer will be trying to find out more about you as an employee when speaking to your reference and whilst some companies give standard references (the date you joined and the role you worked in) some give a more in-depth reference so here are some ideas of what a prospective employer might want to find out:


One of the main questions an employer will ask your reference is whether you were punctual in the role or not. A prospective employer will want to find out how reliable you are and how consistent you are so this is the perfect question to ask. They’ll probably briefly ask about your sickness days and lateness record.

Work Ethos

Your prospective employer will be interested to find out more about you in the work place so asking your ex-employer about your work ethos is a good way to find out more about you as an employee. They’ll want to find out what your daily work ethos is, what your team building skills are like and generally what you are like in the workplace.


Some potential employers may want to ask previous employers to name a few personality traits – purely to get to know you as an individual. So whether you’re outgoing, disciplined or enthusiastic – these traits may be described by your reference.

Future Recommendation

Some employers will want an overall opinion from your reference as to whether they would hire you again so when choosing a reference, ensure you include one from a job where you made a real impression!