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What Not to Do During a Panel Job Interview

17260849_mA panel job interview can be quite daunting. Although it’s technically the same as any other job interview, a panel job interview will involve multiple members of staff. Usually you’ll be interviewed by a few members of staff so it can be intimidating. Just like any job interview, you’ll need to impress the interviewers and demonstrate why you are the right person for the job. If you’re set to attend a panel job interview here’s a list of things to avoid which should hopefully increase your chances of securing the job.

Forget Your CV

Although you have sent your CV template to the employer it’s unprofessional to turn up to a panel job interview without a copy of your CV. The employer may not have it to hand and the other members of staff sitting in on the interview may not have a copy so it’s crucial that you print off copies to hand out to members of staff. It will ensure that all of the interviewers are aware of your expertise and work experience.

Turn Up Late

If you turn up late to any job interview it can make you look unprofessional and unprepared but turning up late to a panel job interview can be extra embarrassing because it’s not just one person you’ll be showing up late to see. All members of staff attending the interview will have taken time out of their schedule to interview you so you should ensure you leave plenty of time to travel to the interview and arrive early. This will demonstrate to the interviewers that you are professional, reliable and that you value their time.

Forget Research

A panel job interview will usually see different members of staff from different departments attend and they will all be involved in different aspects of the business. There could be a member of HR, a member of management and a potential team colleague all sitting in on your interview. Each member of staff will be asking questions for different reasons. The interviewers will be looking for your knowledge on the company, your knowledge of their department and they will also be assessing what you can bring to their team. If you don’t do your research, you’ll find it tough to answer specific questions so ensure you look at the company website and understand the business before you attend the interview. Study each department in the company and make notes as to how you can make an impact day-to-day. Doing your research will help you to answer questions more effectively and will also enable you to build your own questions to ask the interviewers.

Dress Down

Regardless of the job you are applying to, you should dress appropriately and turn up to the job interview looking professional. A job interview is the first opportunity for an employer to find out about you and first impressions count. If you turn up in casual wear then all of the interviewers may think you’re not taking the opportunity seriously so prepare a work outfit beforehand and dress to impress.

Talk to One Person

Panel job interviews are designed for a reason – it’s the company’s chance to introduce you to a few members of the team and to find out where you could fit in with their business. If you attend a panel job interview and just talk to one interviewer the entire time, then you’re unlikely to make an impact and the other interviewers may forget you. If you are attending a panel interview ensure that you talk to all of the interviewers and maintain eye contact with each individual as this will help you to make a lasting impression and will ensure everyone feels involved in the job interview.