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What Makes Your CV Template Different?

15178821_m (1)Considering the amount of people currently looking for work in the UK, job hunting can be very tough. A variety of individuals could have the same qualifications and experience as you – so how do you make your CV template different to the rest?

When an employer receives a bunch of CV templates for a job they have advertised, it can be overwhelming. They will usually have hundreds of CV templates to look through so you need to ensure yours is at the top of their list. Similarly, when a recruiter looks through CV templates you need to make yours jump out from the pile. So how do you get noticed?

The obvious starting point is spelling and grammar. Check through your CV thoroughly before you even consider sending it off. Imagine sending an application out and spelling the company name wrong…sounds obvious but a number of candidates fall at this hurdle so make sure you’re not one of them.

Although other candidates may share the same degree or even work experience as you, your personal statement and career objectives will be unique to you. Spending time on this and creating a really intuitive personal statement could help you to win a job interview. Make sure you research the company or recruitment agency you are applying to and show your research results in your personal statement. Why do you want to work for them? What can you bring to their company? Why are you right for the job? These are all questions you need to be answering.

Your personal experiences, including any travelling or internships, will be unique to you so why not include these on your CV? If you have travelled and worked for a charity abroad or if you just have an adventure you think is worthy of sharing, write it down!
Qualifications alone aren’t enough to make your application stand out from the rest. Instead, you need to think creatively. What work experience did you do during your studies? Covering other experiences too like volunteering positions or events you have been involved with will show you are dynamic and different.

Although it’s tempting to litter your CV with highlighter pen and send them out on scented paper, you need to ensure your CV always looks professional and organised. You don’t need to do anything crazy to grab an employer’s attention. Concentrating on good content and layout, filling your CV with references and quotes from past employers and highlighting your key skills should be enough to get you noticed.