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What Makes a CV Interesting?

20625065_mWhen you are sending out your CV template and applying to jobs you should constantly assess whether your CV is interesting. If it’s not, an employer is likely to skip past it and read the next CV! Check out the tips below to help you make your CV as interesting as possible!


One of the key things to consider when trying to make your CV interesting to read, is the language you use. If you use similar words throughout, common words or words that have a negative connotation – then you are likely to make the employer switch off. Instead try to add creativity to your writing and make it enjoyable to read.


Content is key when writing a CV. An employer hiring someone to work in Sales won’t want to read about your time as a Cleaner. They will want to know about relevant work as it will demonstrate to them that you are qualified to do the job. Ensure you keep the content relevant, research the company you are sending your application to and know the job role well. This will shine through on your CV and make it more interesting to read.


Images can help to make your CV more interesting. Depending on the job you are applying to you can show images on your career portfolio to demonstrate the work you have done and your past projects.


CV layout can make your CV more interesting. Consider using templates or samples to help you create a different layout and look. If your CV looks different from the other candidates then the employer will probably read yours first!