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What Font Should I Use on My CV?

cv fontOne of the many things to consider when you are writing your CV is the font size and style. Is it important? Will an employer judge your CV just by looking at the font? Read on to find out.

Is Font Size Important?

The size of the font you use on your CV is important because it can determine whether the employer can read it or not! If you use a font that is too small the employer may have problems reading your CV and picking out the key information. If you pick a font that is too large it can leave your CV looking messy and unorganised. When choosing a font try to stick to something of a standard size, like 12 point font.

Bold or Italic?

You should only use bold or italic text when you want to highlight something on your CV or you want it to stand out to the employer. Use bold text on headlines including sections of your CV like work history and achievements. You can also use bold text if you have some figures you want to highlight that demonstrate your industry expertise or if you want to draw the employer’s attention to responsibilities you have held. You should use italics in the same way – highlighting your skills and any information you feel is relevant to the job role. Try to keep this to a minimum – your CV should look neat and the best way to achieve this is by using a consistent font size and style.

What Font Style Is Appropriate?

There are a host of font styles to choose from and it does depend on what overall look you are going for. Look at CV templates to help you decide the layout of your CV and use this to experiment with different fonts. Although using fancy fonts can make your CV look different from the rest, remember that employers will be judging you on your CV so you need to ensure it looks professional. Usually font styles like Times New Roman or Arial popular on a CV.

Although choosing a font is important in the CV writing process, there is no wrong or right. You are designing your CV so ultimately it is personal preference. As long as you keep it professional, easy to read and it looks well structured then the employer should be impressed.