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What Does an Employer Want to See On Your CV?

13171298_mWhen you are writing a CV and applying for jobs it is crucial that you keep in mind what an employer wants to see on your CV. So what does an employer want to see on a CV and cover letter?


An employer will always want to see that you have relevant work experience. Not only will this demonstrate that you are passionate about the industry but it will demonstrate your expertise and knowledge and your ability to put your skills into practice. Ensure you list all of your relevant work experience on your CV and list the responsibilities in your previous positions and include any examples of projects you have completed.


It is important to show personality on your CV as it will help you to stand out from the crowd. An employer won’t just be hiring a candidate on their experience and qualifications. They will be looking for someone to fit in with the team and work culture. You can hint at your personality in the hobbies section of your CV and even use the personal statement section to add a bit of character.


One thing that can make you stand out from your competition is showing how passionate you are about the industry, the job and the company. Showing this will demonstrate to the employer that you want career progression within the company and that you want longevity in the industry. You can show your passion in your personal statement and career objective.


Some employers will ask for specific qualifications when they recruit for a job role so you should detail your relevant qualifications and skills at the top of your CV. If an employer thinks you don’t hold the right qualifications then they may skip your application and move on to the next. Ensure you detail any academic qualifications and professional qualifications you may have gained in your career and support these with your work experience.