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What Do Employers Want To Hear?

21315831_mWhen looking for a new position and attending job interviews, you should think about what an employer will want from a potential new employee. Obviously this can differ depending on the industry but generally speaking most employers will want similar attributes in a new hire. Here are some ideas of what an employer will be looking for when hiring  a new candidate:

  • Punctuality – writing a professional CV is enough to get you to an interview but ensuring you turn up on time is vital. First impressions often stick so ensure you leave plenty of time to arrive for an interview. Most employers will use the interview as a preview of what you will be like in employment so if you are late, it’s likely they will expect you to be late on your first day. And that won’t stand you in good stead when it comes to choosing a candidate.
  • Dress code – dressing in the right manner is crucial if you want to impress. Read our article on what to wear during a job interview.
  • Support your cover letter – an employer will need you to support what was written in both your CV and cover letter. So ensure you study them well!
  • Passion – your interviewer will be looking for someone who is knowledgeable and passionate about their company so ensure you do your research on the company, their ethos and the industry they operate in.
  • Good listener – as well as speaking about your achievements and why you are right for the role, an employer will need to know that you are a good listener. In any new job you will go through some training and will need to inevitably listen to tips about the job. It’s crucial at the interview stage that you demonstrate you are a good listener.
  • Be astute – simple things like asking about the company’s aspirations or company ethos or asking what the next stage of the interview process is will demonstrate that you are astute and keen. These are both attributes that every employer will want to see in a new candidate.