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What an Employer Does Not Want to See on Your CV

18987610_mIf you are currently writing a CV and getting ready to apply for a new job, take a look at this checklist of things an employer won’t want to see on your CV to ensure you maximise your job interview chances:

Lack of Work Experience

There may be dozens of other candidates applying for this position and they may share similar qualifications to you. You can really make yourself stand out from the crowd if you show the employer you have had previous experience in the industry and with the role. It could be that you have plenty of work experience or you may have completed an internship or done some voluntary work within the sector. Whatever your experience is, you should ensure you include it in your CV. An employer will want to know that you have the relevant skill set to successfully fill the role and previous experience will demonstrate this.

Too Much Variety

Sometimes it can be good to have a bit of variety on your CV as it shows you are adaptable and experienced in a number of roles. But if you have too much variety on your CV it could concern the employer as it may look like you are lacking direction and can’t commit to a role. The employer needs to know you are interested in their company and progressing with them so try to demonstrate this by including the most relevant job roles you have done previously on your CV.


Gaps on your CV can ring alarm bells for an employer. Gaps can indicate to the employer that you have been unemployed for a long period of time or that you have struggled to find work. It also may make the employer wonder why you were unemployed and why you left your previous position. If you do have gaps on your CV try to fill them with work experience, voluntary positions or travelling. To find out more read our article on how to fill gaps in your CV.

Grammatical Errors

Grammatical errors will really affect your chances of securing a job interview. If you send out your CV to the employer with errors throughout it then they are likely to think that you didn’t proof read your CV and that you didn’t put much effort into your job application. Before you send out your CV ensure you check it through and that it reads perfectly.