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Using Your Mobile Phone to Find a Job

CVPhoneonVerandaLRThere are so many smart phones on the market nowadays and there is so much you can do on them. Play games, call contacts, organise your life, browse social media sites, email contacts, edit your photos, video events and pay for shopping are just a few of the things you can do on your phone. And smart phones can also be useful during a job hunt – here’s how:

Send CV on the Move

Many smart phones now have the capability to store large documents and files, especially if you use cloud storage. You can download apps and you can keep your smart phone connected to all of your documents in the cloud including your CV template. So if you’re on the move, commuting or away from your desk you can still send your CV directly to an employer as soon as you see a job vacancy.

Check Social Sites

Facebook, Twitter and Linked In are all used by both companies and recruitment agents looking for potential candidates. If you are already on social media you can keep up to date with your newsfeed by using your smart phone. You can also easily post updates and images to your timeline and comment on industry news and relevant topics. Conversing regularly with companies you want to work for will help you to get noticed and will enable you to keep up with all of the latest news and vacancies.

Check Job Boards

Online job boards are updated constantly by recruiters and employers looking for candidates. You can bookmark your favourite job boards and check in on your smart phone if you are away from your desk.


Whether you are doing job interview preparation or are interested in a company and need to know more about them, you can do your research on the move. Find your nearest Wi-Fi spot or use 3G to browse the company website and company social media page.

Keep in Contact

If you have sent out your CV to recruiters and to specific vacancies then keeping your mobile phone on you can help you to secure a job interview. If a recruiter is trying to fill a vacancy quickly then it’s crucial they can get hold of you.