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Using the Right Facial Expressions in a Job Interview

10917000_mIf you have made it to a job interview there are so many things to think about. What to wear during your job interview, how many copies of your CV you should take…the list is endless. Another subject you need to think about is facial expressions and having the right attitude.

You could be the best interviewee in the world – your CV template could be perfectly polished and your cover letter writing could be amazing. But if you go into the job interview with the wrong attitude and display some inappropriate facial expressions you could really damage your chances of winning the job.

Facial Expressions to Avoid

Generally speaking you should not;

  • Frown at questions
  • Chew chewing gum
  • Eat food
  • Look bored
  • Raise your eyebrows too much – this could look like you don’t agree with what they are saying and could appear confrontational

Facial Expressions You Should Do

The following facial expressions will demonstrate a positive attitude during your job interview;

  • Smile
  • Keep eye contact
  • Laugh (when appropriate)
  • Pause and look away – to demonstrate you are thinking about the question
  • Relax – keep your facial expressions natural and let them occur on their own. If you force a smile it will look wrong.