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Using Good Body Language at a Career Networking Event

9210969_mVisiting a networking event in your chosen industry can not only help you to boost confidence but it can help you to meet valuable industry contacts. But as well as taking your CV template, you should concentrate on body language to maximise on opportunities.

Avoid Crossing Your Arms

Crossing your arms at a networking event can demonstrate to an employer that you are not approachable. Crossing your arms can give off a negative impression and could leave employers unsure as to whether to approach you. So if you’ve done this at a networking event and wondered why you didn’t get any leads – this could be why. Instead try and leave your hands to one side and be more inviting to new opportunities.

Keep Eye Contact

Good eye contact can demonstrate you are confident and determined. Looking at the floor, gazing into the distance and looking away when an employer makes contact are all negative and suggest you don’t want to interact. Instead concentrate on keeping eye contact with an employer while talking to them and keeping your eyes in the room.


If you walk around looking miserable, you are unlikely to get very far with contacts. Smile when you talk to contacts as this will demonstrate you are confident and happy to be there.

Don’t Stick to Your Phone

There will be occasions when you need to check your phone and contact people. But walking around a networking event glued to your Facebook app is hugely unproductive. You went to this event for a reason – so get out there and start networking!