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Tips to Help Your Job Interview Flow

19656498_mIf you have a job interview coming up you’ll probably be thinking of some questions to ask the employer and preparing some answers to their questions. But if you are feeling a little nervous and don’t know how to keep the conversation flowing here are a few tips.


If you attend the job interview feeling tense, then it’s going to be obvious to the employer and it may make them feel on edge. In the lead up to the interview ensure you do all of your preparation as this will help you to feel relaxed and organised.

Don’t Be Afraid to Pause

Every conversation has natural pauses but if you are afraid to pause your conversation will probably become quite stilted and uncomfortable. If the employer asks you a question that you don’t know how to answer or are unsure of, don’t be afraid to pause to ensure your answer is as good as it can be.

Show Enthusiasm

Conversations in a job interview always run more smoothly if you show enthusiasm. Showing enthusiasm for the job and the company will show the employer that you are keen to work for them and that you have done your research on the position.

Personalise Your Interview

If you feel the interview is coming to an end and you want to fill some silence, why not ask the employer about their interests? A quick glance around the room may help you to discover some talking points and this could also help you to personalise the interview. If the employer sees you are picking up on their interests and are inquisitive it will help them to visualise what you may be like in the workplace.

Ask Questions

One of the most natural ways to keep a conversation flowing is by asking questions. Ensure you plan some questions to ask the employer and write them down before you attend the interview. Asking questions about the job, responsibilities and work culture will also help you to decide whether it’s the right job for you.