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Tips on Sending Your CV by Email

19627453_mMost employers will include an email address with a job advert so you can send your application directly to them at a click of a button. But there are some simple mistakes to avoid to ensure you maximise your chances of securing a job.

You can apply for a job in a variety of ways but sending your CV by email is usually the preferred route. It’s quick, simple and it usually reaches the employer instantly. But there a few mistakes, if made, that can damage your chances of securing a job interview. Check out the tips below to perfect your email application;

  • Don’t forget your CV! Ensure your CV writing is excellent before sending it to an employer. And when you send the email ensure you attach the CV – it’s a bit embarrassing if you don’t!
  • Choose your subject line carefully. You need to choose something attention grabbing and relevant to your job application. Include the job title, company name and job reference number if applicable.
  • Address the email correctly. If you are sending out multiple applications it can be easy to get a name or company name wrong. Ensure that you check the job advert and that you address the email correctly.
  • Spell check! Do not send your email until you have thoroughly checked for spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Once you have done the above you should be ready to send out a great email and hopefully the employer will be impressed!
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