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Three Ways to Improve Your CV

cvIf you are preparing to apply for a job you’ll need to have your CV ready to impress. Here are three ways to improve your CV and hopefully it should help you gain a job interview.

• Look at CV samples. With thousands of CVs being sent to employers every week, the job market is now more competitive than ever. Your CV is potentially going to be competing against others of the same calibre so it’s crucial that you make yours stand out. Looking at CV samples can help you to do this as it can give you an idea of successful industry CVs and what to include on yours. Spend time searching for samples from your chosen industry and carefully examine them. What content have they included? What work experience have they highlighted? CV samples can also help you to design your CV layout. As employers receive a lot of applications, it’s a good idea to have a different layout to help your application stand out.

• Gain work experience. Gaining work experience in your chosen sector is essential. By working at similar organisations, gaining and developing your key skills and working on relevant work projects – you are more likely to impress your prospective employer. Gaining work experience, either on the job or through internships or charity work, can help you to boost your CV content too.

• Personalise your CV. Employers read dozens of CVs and sometimes, if they don’t grab their attention, it can become boring. One way of improving your CV and ensuring it gets read from cover to cover is by personalising your CV. Make it relevant to the employer. Highlight the key skills they are looking for. Show how you have demonstrated these on the job and relate it to possible work tasks you may face in this job. Try to also mention the company name and relate your CV to their work ethos and goals to make a difference.