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Three Tips to Secure a Pay Rise

9209353_mThis time of year is common for assessing finances and careers. George Osborne is about to release the latest budget and many employees will be listening out for changes that may affect them – most notably an apparent move to a tax-free allowance of £10,000. The budget is expected to ‘lower the pressure on low and middle income earners.’ So with finances in the spotlight, you may be looking at your own career and pay check and wondering how you can make changes. We’ve listed below some tips on how you could improve your earnings and work towards a pay rise.

Take On Extra Work

Taking on extra work is a proven way to get noticed in the work place. Taking on more responsibility and projects will show that you are dedicated to the company and interested in career progression. Once you have created your own to do list and completed your tasks, you should approach your manager and let them know you are happy to take on more work. You should also speak to other members of the team or colleagues to see if you can offer support. Doing this will show that you are a team player and self motivated. Keep a log of any extra work you take on and ensure you raise this in meetings to support your case for a pay rise.


Networking, whether it’s at industry events or internal company events, is definitely worth doing if you are looking for a pay rise. Networking with industry contacts will not only help you to raise your industry profile but it will allow you to find out about work opportunities as soon as they happen. Networking at internal company events is an effective way to build rapport with colleagues and senior members of staff which can help when it comes to pay rise discussions.

Arrange Regular Meetings

The only way you can secure a pay rise is by letting your boss know about your progress and work and by telling them you are looking for a salary increase! Ensure you schedule regular meetings with your manager so they are aware of your work achievements and your annual appraisal should provide you with the opportunity to discuss salary.