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Three Tips to Improve Your CV Writing

cvWhen looking at how to write a CV you have probably seen advice on punctuation, grammar and good layout. But there are a lot more things to consider when it comes to writing a CV. Check out our three tips below to help you improve your CV template and to help you secure a job interview.


One of the key parts of writing a CV is researching your subject matter. By researching the company you are applying to and the job role, your CV content will be more relevant and interesting to read. Take the time to look at the company website and check what they are looking for in an employee. Most companies will have an about section or staff page so navigate to this to find out about the company culture and ethos. Finding out information on the company will also help you to think of job interview questions. If you know about the history of the organisation and the main aims you can then ask more informed questions about their future and where you may possibly fit in. Spend time researching the job role too as your knowledge and preparation will come across in your CV writing. It will also help you to decide whether it’s the right role for you.

Give Examples

One thing that can make you stand out from other applicants is offering examples to support your claims. For instance, telling an employer you are good at sales is great but backing this up with sales figures you have achieved is excellent. Always try to support your statements with real life work experience examples and achievements. You can do this by writing it in a cover letter, bullet pointing facts throughout your CV or taking snippets from your career portfolio. If you can identify some of the key attributes the company is looking for, you can then demonstrate these with facts and figures in your CV and application.


References can really improve your CV. But to stand out further why not try including some quotes from references throughout your CV? Quotes from past employers and work colleagues can help to highlight your key skills and can add credibility to your application. Ask ex-colleagues and professional contacts for comments on your work, work attitude, skills and personality and ask for their permission to include this in your CV. An employer will probably call references to verify this information but including it immediately on your CV can definitely improve your chances of getting to the next stage of the job hunting process.