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Three Things to Do If You Fail to Secure a Job Interview

17984680_mIf you have sent out your CV to a number of companies and failed to secure a job interview you may be wondering why. But instead why not try these three tips to help you continue your job search and to help you secure employment.

Ask for Feedback

Most employers will not be able to give extensive feedback on your application, as they may have received a pile of CV templates and cover letters to go through. But it’s definitely worth asking as the employer may be able to give you an insight into why you weren’t selected for interview – especially if they are a small company and have more time to give feedback. Asking the Hiring Manager for some feedback on your application will give you some valuable insights into your CV writing, cover letter writing and choice of content – which will help you to make improvements for the future.

Rewrite your CV

Whether you have received feedback or not, one of the first things you should do if you fail to secure a job interview is to revisit your CV. Are there any obvious mistakes? Is the content as relevant to the job role as you thought? What improvements could you make? Assessing this will help you to improve your CV which should hopefully help you to secure the next job interview you apply for.

Keep Trying

It’s tempting to give up your job search if you keep receiving rejection letters. But the crucial aspect of job hunting is to never give up! Ensure you keep searching for relevant roles as the more practice you have at writing job applications, the more chance you’ll have at securing a role.