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Three Things to Avoid During a Job Interview

9628538_mIf you have a job interview coming up check out the below – three things to avoid during the interview!

Turning Up Late

First impressions are crucial during a job interview. The employer is likely to judge you on first impressions as it’s this that will encourage them to invite you to a second interview or offer you the job! It sounds obvious but turning up late to an interview is a huge no-no. This will automatically set a negative tone to the interview and may make it difficult for you to impress the employer. A job interview is not only meant to show the employer your skills and personality, but it also gives them a glimpse of what you may be like during a working day. So if you are late to interview, guess what? They will probably assume you aren’t great at time keeping, and that is a crucial quality for any job. So ensure you set your alarm clock, research your travel and try and arrive early.

Forgetting Your CV

Although the employer will have a copy of your CV template, you should always bring extra copies to the interview. Not only will it allow you to do some last minute preparation but it will demonstrate you are organised. Employers sometimes bring other members of staff into interviews and if they don’t have a copy of your CV it can be a bit awkward. Print plenty of copies, revise the order and work experience on your CV and ensure you have it with you.

Not Asking Questions

One of the most important things in a job interview is to answer the employer’s questions as thoroughly as possible. But one thing that makes you stand out from the rest is preparing your own questions to ask the employer. At the end of the interview they will probably ask you if you have any questions and if you have nothing to say, it may make the employer feel that you aren’t that interested in the position or that you haven’t done your research. Instead think of some questions about the job role, career progression opportunities, working environment and company policies. Asking questions will show you are keen and should make you stand out from the crowd.