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Three Reasons You Should Write a Cover Letter

20075072_mWhen you are applying for a job you may be tempted to print off your CV and send it without a cover letter. It’s quicker, easier and you’ll have more time to apply for other jobs. But not attaching a cover letter could damage your chances of securing a job interview. Here are three reasons why a cover letter can help your job application.

  • It personalises the application. Writing a cover letter can help you personalise the job application – and not just by heading up the cover letter with the employer’s name and organisation. You can use the cover letter to explain why you are the right person for the role and relate it to your previous work experience. Although you can list your previous work experience on your CV, a cover letter will allow you to elaborate and to give more detail – which could increase your chances of securing a job interview.
  • It gives your application a voice. If an employer reads a CV and has no cover letter to look at, it can leave your application without a personal voice – especially if all of the other applicants share the same qualifications and experience as you. In a cover letter you are able to explain more about your work background and work ethos and therefore give the application more personality.
  • It can make you stand out. Some candidates will send a CV without a cover letter and if you are the only one attaching a cover letter and elaborating on your application then it can make you stand out from the rest.