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Three Reasons Why Your Job Search Hasn’t Been Successful

8054438_mIf you have been applying for jobs with no success it may be time to re-evaluate your job search. Here are three reasons why your job search may not be going as well as you expected and some ways to improve it.

Haven’t Updated Your CV

During a job search it’s vital that you keep your CV updated to ensure you are giving yourself the best chance to secure a position. If you are applying for jobs and your CV is not up to date, has gaps in it and doesn’t display relevant skills then it’s unlikely an employer will invite you to a job interview. Proofreading your CV is vital too – if you send out your CV with spelling mistakes then it’s going to be tough to impress an employer.

Tip: Update your CV regularly to ensure you have included your most recent qualifications and achievements. Check through your CV for spelling or grammatical errors before you send it out to employers.

You Aren’t on Social Media

Social media is a big part of job searching today, with most organisations setting up profile pages to publicise company news and advertise vacancies. If you aren’t on social media your CV and expertise may be not recognised as much as it should be.

Tip: Join social media and create a profile page on popular sites like Linked In and Twitter. Start talking about industry news and your job search and follow companies you are interested in working for and comment on their updates. This should help you to increase your online presence and may lead to more job opportunities.

Haven’t Spoken to Recruiters

Not speaking to recruiters and not sending your CV to recruiters during a job search can really hinder your chances of securing employment. Recruitment agencies will have lots of job opportunities available and it’s their job to match candidates to specific vacancies and by not talking to and networking with recruiters, you may not know about all the opportunities on the job market.

Tip: Search for local recruitment companies and contact the ones you feel specialise in the area you are interested in. Arrange a meeting with them to let them know what you are looking for and hopefully they can help you improve your job search.