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Three Easy to Make Job Interview Mistakes

11717363_mJob interviews can be quite scary and it is very easy to slip up during the interview. You need to absorb information about the company, perfect your CV template and answer job interview questions perfectly all in the space of one hour. To help you perfect your job interview technique we’ve listed three common interview mistakes and some advice on how to avert them.

Lack of Motivation

You could have written the world’s best CV but if you show no motivation for the position this can be detrimental to your chances of success. Many candidates fall into the trap of not doing enough research and therefore not being able to show clear motivations for working at the company. To avoid this ensure you read up on the organisation and the people working there. What job roles can you go onto? Why do you want to work in this position? What is it that excites you about this company? Tell the employer during the interview!

Too Much Info

During an interview you might be tempted to ramble. This could be about hobbies, work projects or your work experience but either way rambling is not good. It can overwhelm the employer, make you more nervous and can mask your good comments. People usually ramble in job interviews if the employer asks very short questions. They will usually leave silence throughout the interview however you should try not to overload them with information just to fill the gap. Instead pause between each question and ensure you think before you speak. If you are finished with your answer and the employer is still silent, take control by asking them what they would like to know.

Not Relatable

It is very easy to list achievements in a job interview but a common mistake made is listing achievements that have no relevance to the job role you applying for. So to steer clear of this ensure that every example you use you relate to the job description and the company ethos. Constantly think about your skills and what kind of impact that would have on their company.