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Three Cover Letter Tips

19656498_m (1)If you are writing a cover letter and getting set to apply for a new job, you’ll want to check out these three tips to help you win a job interview!

Be Personal

Employers receive hundreds of cover letters through every week and so they can tell when a candidate has either rushed an application or sent them a generic cover letter. If you send your cover letter to multiple employers without personalising it then it will probably be obvious. You won’t address it to the employer, you’ll list down every skill you have regardless of the job and you’ll thank them for their time. Your cover letter will have a much bigger impact if it’s personal to the company. Address the employer, highlight the key skills needed for this job and how you have them and mention the job title. This will make it more interesting for the interviewer and it will also demonstrate you have done you research and are keen to join the company.

Be Precise

In your cover letter you need to be direct – especially when it comes to showing your interest in the job. You need to demonstrate to the employer that you are keen to work for them, that you have the necessary skills and experience to succeed in the job and that you are looking forward to hearing from them. Before you write the cover letter, bullet point some of your relevant skills and write down why they are right for the role.

Be Different

It’s crucial that you stand out from the crowd. As employers see so many CVs and cover letters, you need to ensure yours is read – and the best way to do this is by being different. Layout and design can help you to stand out so consider using images and colour and your cover letter content can set you apart from your competition. Think about what your competition will be writing and what the employer wants to hear and try and come up with something creative.