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Thinking Like an Employer

22244319_mIf you have been invited to a job interview, one of the best ways to prepare is by putting yourself in the employer’s shoes.

If you think like an employer before a job interview you will be able to determine what kind of questions might come up and it can help you to prepare. So how exactly do you ‘think’ like an employer?

  • Read your CV template. The employer’s knowledge of you as a candidate is likely to come from the content of your CV. They probably spend time reading over your work experience and key skills and will have plenty of questions based on this. Reading your own CV and familiarising yourself with what you have written will help you to relate to the employer and pre-empt their questioning.
  • Browse your social media sites. Companies all over the country use social media sites to look for potential employees and to publicise company news. There is every chance that the employer has been on to your professional networks, like Linked In, to see if it matches your CV content and to see what you are talking about. Ensure you know your most recent updates as they may ask you questions based on this.
  • Read the job description. The employer will be very specific on what they are looking for and what skills they require for this role. So ensure you also spend time familiarising yourself with this by reading the job description and understanding their requirements.
  • Research the company. The employer will know their company and what kind of person can fit well in it. So by spending time researching the company history and team structure you will also have a good idea of what the employer is looking for and how to fulfill it.