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Testing Your Computer Skills Before A Job Interview Test

22756725_mDuring your job interview preparation you may want to think about brushing up on your computer skills. Many companies today (depending on the vacancy) will require you to undergo a skills based test. And with a large need for office based employees, companies will need to assess a candidate’s computer and IT skills. This could be anything from a basic knowledge of Microsoft Word to a more advanced knowledge of spreadsheets and data management.

As well as preparing a well written CV and cover letter, think about what practical tests could be involved. Quite often these will happen on the day of an interview so it’s crucial to prepare.

What Might Come Up

  • Knowledge of word processing programmes
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheets
  • Knowledge and use of email and email software
  • Internet capability

How To Prepare

It’s difficult to predict exactly what will come up in one of these tests but, if you’re uncertain, try and learn as much as possible and think about which skills maybe relevant to the job role. IT skills are crucial for any industry especially any office based positions so if you need to attend a course to further your skills, it’s likely this will pay off. Spend as much time practicing as you can – in the evening and at weekends. Use the internet to research as well – you might even be able to find online video tutorials of how to use Excel and other office based applications.

The Test

When you attend the test it is important you show both confidence and honesty. Take your time to answer the questions and don’t rush into any answers. But also remember that you are human and it’s very difficult to know everything about every piece of software. If you know the basics and can demonstrate you are keen to learn then it will score points with the employer. Do not lie. If you are asked a specific question about an application that you know nothing about it, it’s likely the job role will require you to use this on an everyday basis. Lying about your knowledge will only make the role even more difficult and will not impress the employer.

Alongside computer skills tests many employers now require candidates to sit psychometric tests at their job interview.  This is perfectly normal and is another way for employers to differentiate between candidates.  Make sure you are well prepared and have practiced sufficiently prior to your assessment.  If you’re looking to improve your performance you can practice numerical reasoning tests which should boost your confidence too.


Here are some example questions you may be asked:

  • What computer skills do you currently have?
  • Do you know how to create spreadsheets on an Excel document?
  • Tell us about your past IT experience?
  • Have you used internal databases?
  • Give us an example of a time where you have used IT to improve your company’s performance.