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Read advice on how best to conduct yourself in a job interview.

Ten Ways to Impress in a Job Interview

10445893_mIf you are about to go to a job interview  follow these ten steps to ensure you impress and maximise your chances of securing the job.


Researching the company, the job role and the responsibilities is crucial in order to impress a job interviewer. Researching the company will help you to formulate interview questions and it will show the employer that you have done your homework. An employer will also be looking for someone that has an interest in working for their organisation and one way to show this is by researching their history and ethos.

Time Keeping

Time keeping is crucial when it comes to a job interview. A job interview is designed to test not only your skills but to also test your professional behaviour. If you turn up late and keep the interviewer waiting they are likely to think you will be like this in the workplace so ensure you give them the right impression.

Dress Code

Dressing appropriately at a job interview is essential. Researching the company will give you an idea of dress code and what to wear. First impressions count so ensure you make the best impression by wearing the right outfit – for more tips read our article on what to wear to a job interview.

Good CV Template

The chances are your CV template is what got you the job interview. Employers want to see a CV that not only reads well, but that looks good and stands out from the crowd. During a job interview an employer will probably want to refer to your CV and although they have a copy, you should take extra copies to show that you are organised.

Answering Questions

Preparing to answer questions can help you to impress the interviewer. Spend time before the interview practicing and researching possible interview questions. If you can answer questions effectively and demonstrate your relevant skills you should be able to secure a second interview.

Asking Questions

To stand out from the crowd you should prepare your own questions to ask the employer. If an employer is asked questions it demonstrates that you have done research on their company, that you know about the role and that you have a keen interest in working for the organisation.

Show Your Knowledge

During the job interview you should show your knowledge of the industry by using examples from your previous work. An employer will be looking for someone with knowledge of their industry and someone who can fit into the role with minimal training.

Show Your Skills

Demonstrating your key skills is crucial. The employer should be able to see these on your CV and cover letter but it’s important that you reinforce them. Use examples from your previous work experience to show how you have used these skills on the job and to show the employer the possible impact you could have in the position.

Take Notes

Taking notes throughout the interview can be impressive although you need to ensure you don’t write them when the employer is asking you questions or requires your interaction. Take notes when it seems appropriate and it should impress.

Ask the Next Step

Reinforce your commitment to the role by asking the next step. If you walk out without asking the employer when you are likely to hear from them they may think you are not that interested. Tell them that you are interested in the position and looking forward to the next stage.