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Temp to Full-time Employment

will2Temping opportunities are usually easier to find than full-time work. You can look for jobs through a Temping Agency or by applying directly to a company. These jobs are usually more available because they do not require a long term commitment from an employer. But how do you turn a temp position into a full-time opportunity?

If you work in/have ever worked in a temp position you will know that it’s flexible, you can meet new people and it can be very versatile. However a temp position can leave you feeling less secure, financially, as usually positions last only a few weeks.

Without a long term contract from the employer you can be left feeling vulnerable. Here are some tips to turn a temp position into a more permanent role;

Know Your Workplace

If you move from company to company it can be difficult to do your research. But this is crucial if you want a full-time position. Take the time to assess the company’s ethos, look on their website and get to know the staff. This will demonstrate your commitment.

Update Your CV

Having a good CV can help with securing any position. But if you really want to work for this company full-time ensure you update your CV to incorporate key goals and skills that are relevant to them. This will also prepare you for any job interviews that might come up.

Stay in Touch with HR

The HR Department is likely to know all of the positions within the company, including ones that are not advertised. Building rapport with the team is a good way of keeping up to date with all possible vacancies.

Construct a Cover Letter

Writing a cover letter to outline why you want to work for the organisation and what you can bring to the team is a good idea. This will allow you to focus, hone in on your strengths and will prepare you for any opportunities that might come up.

Work Hard

This is a given. As a temp you need to stand out from the crowd. Why not pitch some ideas? Why not send an email to your team leader with suggestions for improvement? Ensure you take the time to work hard as this will get noticed.


As with any job, networking is essential. Ensure you meet and socialise with other colleagues as they are likely to recommend you for future positions.

If you do not succeed in securing a full-time position straight away, don’t be disheartened. Temp roles are a great way of gaining work experience, perfecting your skills and keeping your professional CV current. Just don’t give up.