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Succeeding in a Management Job

15314521_mSecuring a management position can feel extremely rewarding. Often it takes a long time to progress in your career and to be offered a promotion. So if you have just started a new, senior position here are some tips on how to impress!


Before you start your new role spend time preparing for it. What are your main responsibilities? If it’s delegating, spend time practicing this. If it’s forward thinking, plan out some long-term goals for your team and how you plan to achieve them. Preparing before you start the job can really help with targets and deadlines.

Rapport Building

It is crucial to build rapport in a management role. Building rapport with team members can help you to gain their trust and you will see results in performance.


You no doubt would have shown leadership skills in your CV – it’s probably one of the reasons you were chosen for the position! But it’s crucial that you display these qualities in your every day work. Arrange strategy meetings, focus on the performance of your team and ensure you meet deadlines.


Whether you’re trying to introduce a new policy at work or you just need to voice some opinions, you should try and regularly update with management. Keeping in touch with other managers will help you to gain ideas for the future and will ensure you are always at the top of your game.