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Searching For a Job Overseas

23241374_mIf you are starting to look for jobs overseas and are considering a move, here a few tips that might help.

Update Your CV

Before you start applying for jobs ensure you update your CV template. Add in your recent work experience and any relevant volunteering experience.

Research the Area

When you begin to apply for jobs it is crucial that you research the area that you intend to work in. Assess why you want to move there, have you visited before? If not it’s a good idea to visit the area and get to know it – including the people. Having a healthy, vibrant work environment is really vital so you need to ensure it’s the right move.

Check Local Job Sites

Use the internet and your networking skills to find local job sites. You can still use national sites but if you’re looking to work in a niche area or a small town you may find it more beneficial to search for local ones.

Research the Career Progression

Moving overseas is a big decision so prior to accepting the job find out what the career progressions and opportunities are like. Can you work your way to management? Do you see yourself staying there for years? These are all questions to ask before you commit yourself to the move.

Contact a Local Recruitment Company

Talking to local recruitment agents can be very beneficial. Not only will they have access to the latest jobs but they will also be able to give you an insight into the local area and what to expect. Asking them about networking events you can attend is also a great way of finding out about an area.

Broaden Your Job Search

If you really want to move overseas but you are not sure what job you are looking for be sure to broaden your search. Opening up your job search and looking for different roles could lead to a more successful job hunt.