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Searching For a Job After You Have Been Fired

20557301_m (1)Getting fired from a job, although not desirable, is actually quite common. Most employees will have been fired at some point throughout their career. It can dent your confidence and leave you feeling low but it shouldn’t stop you from applying for future vacancies.

There are a number of reasons why people get fired – lateness, not meeting the job requirements and work attitude are all relevant reasons.

But if this has happened to you throughout your career do not get disheartened. It would have happened to a lot more people than you think and it doesn’t necessarily mean you were doing a bad job. Maybe the company was not right for you, maybe you didn’t gel with your boss or maybe the work atmosphere was not what you expected. Either way it’s crucial to stay confident and begin your job search again.

Here are some tips to help you continue your job search:

Be Confident
Most importantly you need to remain confident. Don’t be afraid of emailing your CV to employees and applying for vacancies. The next role that you step into might be your dream job.

Update Your CV
Updating your CV template is vital. At the top of your CV you are likely to have the job you have just been in. But if you’re worried about having this as the most recent work place why not try some work experience? You may not be paid for the role but it will allow you to gain more experience, re-build your confidence and you can put this at the top of your CV. You can also gain some good references from your placement. If this does not appeal to you then you could try volunteering. Helping out in a volunteer role will allow you to update your CV and will ultimately help you in your job search.

Be Honest
Do not lie to prospective employers. It is always going to be awkward if someone asks you why you were fired from a position but be honest. Mention that you are looking for a career that you can have longevity with. If you lie at this stage your employer will find out and it could further damage your career path.

Take the Positives
If you have been fired from a previous position it is easy to take away the negatives of the job and feel disheartened by the whole process. But it is crucial that you seek out the positives and use this for future job experience. Take away the skills and experience you have learned. Focus on positive work you did for the company and learn from mistakes you made. This will only help you to strengthen your career in the future.