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How to Scale the Career Ladder

Climbing the Career LadderLooking for a promotion but not sure how to get there? Follow our tips to help you climb your career ladder and make it to the top!

Know the Ladder You Want to Climb

Before you start trying to climb a career ladder you need to assess which one you want to climb! Use your CV, work experience and hobbies to help you decide your ideal job. If you are already working in your ideal job then you’re ready to start working towards your career progression but if you are looking to change careers then rewrite your CV, network and start applying for jobs.

Take Your First Step

Whatever industry you are looking to progress in, you need to take your first step on the ladder. This may be a job, an internship, voluntary role or hobby – start at the bottom and work your way up. If you do work in an internship or voluntary role then it’s vital that you make an impression in order to gain a permanent position. Build rapport with your work colleagues, offer to take on extra responsibilities and be vocal about any suggestions you may have that could help the company to progress. Doing all of this will help you to stand out and get noticed and hopefully should lead to a full-time job.

It Takes Time to Climb

You can’t fly to the top of a ladder! A job promotion or pay rise can take time which can be frustrating, but just like climbing a ladder, you have to take one step at a time. Keep assessing your career goals and arrange regular meetings with your boss to discuss your development and progress. Set yourself milestones to achieve as this will help you maintain focus.

Keep Climbing

Working towards a pay rise or job promotion is never easy and there will no doubt be some stumbling blocks along the way. But perseverance is vital. Keep your end goal in sight and keep persevering until you reach the top!