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Reasons You Didn’t Get Offered a Job Interview

Reasons You didn't get offered a job interviewSo, you’re baffled. You applied for a job, sent in a well written CV and cover letter, followed up your application and kept an eye on the closing date for applications and yet you were not selected for a job interview. Why?

You Didn’t Personalise Your CV

Having a well written CV is crucial when applying for jobs but it’s even more crucial to have a well written CV that is personalised to the job and the company you are applying to. If you didn’t spend time personalising your CV then this could be a contributor as to why you were not selected for a job interview. To personalise your CV you should read through the job description, highlighting the main responsibilities of the job and the skills the employer has listed as both essential and desirable. You should then go through your CV and assess your work experience – only including the roles you think the employer would want to know about. You can then also match your previous job roles and responsibilities to this prospective role to prove you can do the job. Spend time updating your career objective and personal statement to match the company’s goals and aspirations. Doing this will make your application much more relevant to the position and will it also demonstrate to the employer that you really want to work for them.

You Didn’t Give Enough Detail in Your Cover Letter

A cover letter can definitely improve your job application but if you don’t make it descriptive then it probably won’t have much of an impact. To make your cover letter stand out from the crowd you should address why you want to work for the company and why you would be a good candidate for the job. Whilst your CV shows an employer in black and white your experience and qualifications, your cover letter should bring your application to life.

There Was Too Much Competition

Competition in today’s job market is tough and it can lead to you missing out on job opportunities. For every one job that is advertised hundreds (if not thousands) of candidates will apply for it so this can damage your chances of securing a job interview. To ensure your application stands out from the rest go the extra mile. Follow the company and key members of staff on social media, interact with them, create industry conversation, keep your social media pages up to date and attend networking events. Doing all of this will raise your industry profile and may help you stand out from the competition.

There are lots of other reasons why your application may not have been successful this time but the important thing is to ensure you keep applying for jobs. Ask for feedback from the employer on why your application wasn’t successful and use this feedback to improve your CV and cover letter for the next one. If you persevere you will eventually find a job role that is right for you.

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