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Questions You Should Be Asking a Recruiter Before a Job Interview

17260867_mIf you have been working with a recruitment company to find a job and have a job interview to attend, you will have a lot of questions. And the best person to ask is the recruiter! They have probably dealt with this client before and will be able to share some job interview tips. We’ve listed some crucial questions to ask the recruiter below.

CV Template

Is there a skill that is valuable to this employer? What do they like to see in an applicant? What did they like most about your CV? You already know they like your CV but ask more questions before the interview as you can draw on these points during the interview.


It is vital that you find out the directions to the office from the recruiter. If you turn up late it will make them and you look bad. Ensure you allow plenty of time to get there.

Dress Code

Depending on the job, there may be a strict dress code. Ensure you ask about this before you attend to avoid embarrassment.


Find out the names of the interviewers. This will help you to build a better rapport and will demonstrate you are prepared.

Job Role

Before you attend the interview you need to know as much as possible about the job role. Ensure you have a face to face meeting with the recruiter to find out about the role – this will help you to form some good job interview questions too.

Company History

Ask for the company website or if the recruiter has placed someone at the company before, ask them about the organisation. Gain as much knowledge as possible!