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What Questions Should You Be Asking an Employer at a Jobs Fair?

questions at jobs fairsAttending a job fair can be a great way of finding out about new opportunities and it’s a great way to boost your industry profile. Job fairs happen all over the country and are usually full of prospective employers so it’s a good idea to have a copy of your CV or contact details to hand in case you make some valuable connections.

Job fairs are designed for recruiters and employers to publicise their vacancies and hundreds of candidates can attend each job fair looking for employment. So if you do get chatting to an employer what exactly should you say? Here are some ideas to help you make the most of your time at a job fair:

Introduce Yourself

Introducing yourself to an employer during a job fair can be daunting. But there is little point attending one if you’re planning on standing alone and not speaking to anyone. If you see an employer you want to hand your CV to or you see a company you want to find out more about you should approach their stand and introduce yourself. Keep your introduction brief – let them know your name, current occupation and a brief explanation as to why you’re there and what you are looking for. This can break the ice and will enable the employer to let you know information they feel may be relevant to you. Introducing yourself and creating conversation is a great way to build rapport and also demonstrates that you are a confident candidate.

Ask About Their Company

You should spend as much time as possible finding out about the company. You will be able to go away and research the company online but the information you can gain from a job fair can be much more valuable as you’ll usually be talking to an existing employee. Ask about the company structure, ethos, company culture and the current vacancies. You should spend time building rapport with the employer or member of staff you speak to as this may help your CV to stand out when you apply for a job.

Talk About the Industry

You should think of a job fair as a job interview – especially if you speak to a Managing Director. It’s the first impression an employer will get of you and if they have a vacancy they may ask you some questions about your CV and industry experience. To demonstrate your expertise you should try to create conversation about the industry – bringing up industry news and talking about your specific qualifications may help you to stand out from the other candidates the employer speaks to.

Before you leave a job fair you should ask for business cards of the people you would like to stay in contact with. Having contact details will help when it comes to applying for work and you can also find these contacts on social media and follow them – which will help you to stay up to date with vacancies.

You should also leave copies of your CV with employers you are interested in working for. If you need to update your CV before heading to a job fair try our online CV builder.