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Proofreading Your CV

15289968_mIn our ‘Hot Hints for a Better CV’ article we touched on the fact that it is extremely important to present a faultless CV when applying for a job position. Any minor mistake or spelling error may really be the difference between you being offered an interview or your CV being simply discarded. It may feel like a trivial error will be over-looked by potential employer but considering your CV is the only document they have selling you to them every aspect of it will be scrutinised.

Once you are happy with the content and layout of your CV (for ideas on CV designs and layouts check out our CV samples on the left-hand side toolbar) you should check it thoroughly for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Don’t just rely on the spell checker (our CV builder has an inbuilt spell-checker to help you avoid errors) as this is purely a computer programme and doesn’t intuitively know the points you are trying to express and won’t compensate for that. Do not simply accept the first alternative word the spell-checker provides either as there may be other words that are more suited to a given situation or description.

Ensure that every part of your CV is present and correct. It is vitally important that you double-check the contact details you included on your CV – if these aren’t right prospective employers will not be able to contact you to arrange that job interview you’ve been looking for!

If you’d like to get started on building a professional looking CV why not use our CV building tool – it’s free to start and you could be applying for that fantastic new job today!