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Possible Telephone Job Interview Questions

telephoneTelephone job interviews usually happen before you meet an employer face-to-face. It’s crucial you impress the employer during this first stage as it’s the telephone interview that will determine whether you meet the interviewer or not! Here are some possible telephone job interview questions and some tips on how to answer them.

Tell Us About Your Career Background?

A recruiter will normally start the telephone interview by finding out about your career background and professional experience. The recruiter will normally have your CV in front of them when they ask this questions and it is designed to find out about your relevant experience.

Tip: This question is all about finding out about your relevant experience and work history. It’s also designed to see how consistent your answers are on the phone when compared to your CV. To prepare for this question you should read through your CV and have a copy of this in front of you during the interview. Briefly talk through your work experience but emphasise positions that are similar to the one you are applying to and ensure you explain how passionate you are about that particular industry.

Why Are You Interested in Working for the Company?

An employer will want to know if you have a genuine interest in working for their company before they invite you to a face-to-face meeting.

Tip: Do your research on the company before the interview. Ensure you look at the company website and familiarise yourself with their business, their goals and the company ethos. Use this knowledge during your telephone interview to explain why you think you can make a difference to their organisation.

What Makes You the Right Candidate for the Job?

This is an obvious question. Employers receive hundreds of CVs every week and so they need to pick a handful of candidates who are right for the role. This question is designed to test how much you know of the job and what skills you can bring to the position.

Tip: Look through the job description and write down some reasons why you are right for the job. Match your key skills to the duties and use examples of your previous work to explain why you are right for the role.

What’s Your Availability?

You will usually be asked this at the end of the interview and it’s usually designed to find out when you can attend a job interview and, if successful, when you could start the job.

Tip: Be honest about your availability and ensure you reaffirm your interest in the position.