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Perfecting Your Job Interview Tones

21492537_mWhen you attend a job interview, it’s not just your outfit and job interview body language you need to be aware of. An employer can tell a lot about you through your tone of voice – so below we’ve listed some things to bear in mind when you’re chatting away in a job interview.

Be Professional

It’s crucial that you remain professional when you are talking during a job interview. Try not to talk negatively about your old boss. If the employer asks you about your recent job (and you hate it) be sure to use ‘up tones’ and sound positive about the role. If you speak in a monotone voice the employer is likely to feel that you aren’t excited about what you do, and it will show negativity. So stay positive.

Use Up and Down Tones

If you are going for a sales-based job, they are probably going to want to hear you use a lot of ‘down tones’. This means that when you finish a sentence, you lower your tone. It makes the sentence feel more direct and more assertive and doesn’t leave much room for questioning. Employers like to see this in sales candidates as it shows you are decisive and persuasive. ‘Up tones’ should be used when you want to show enthusiasm for something you are talking about and are great for building rapport. Tone of voice can obviously be taught on the job but it’s definitely something to bear in mind.

Avoid Slang

It’s crucial that you sound professional as an employer will want to know you can interact well with their clients. So ensure you avoid any slang and remain professional throughout the job interview.