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Perfecting Your CV (Curriculum Vitae)

5093355_lThere are a variety of ways to improve your CV and maximise your credibility. One crucial aspect is clarity and adding correct information – surprisingly many people make critical mistakes including spelling and grammatical errors.

Here are some top tips on how to perfect your CV:

  • Spell check – read every inch to ensure you are sending out a professional looking CV.
  • Website URLs – often you will want to fill out a section on hobbies and personal interests and you may want to put a website link to some of your work as a form of reference. This is great but if you have a website that is listed with inappropriate material or has spelling mistakes within it, don’t include it.
  • Cover letters – writing a thorough cover letter to accompany your CV is a must. It forms a great way to introduce your CV to the prospective employer aswell as providing a medium where you can address them personally and express your interest at working for their organisation.
  • Email address – always ensure you add your contact details but if you have an email address you set up when you were 10 years old (i.e littleprincess or something similarly youngster sounding) it might be an idea to change it to something more professional.
  • Be honest – be honest about everything you include on your CV otherwise it will be discovered eventually and many potential employers may see straight through any outlandish claims or hyperbole.
  • Consider adding a picture – sometimes attaching a picture can really add value to your CV and show personality.
  • Keep it simple – it is sometimes tempting to send your CV out on scented paper and cover it in rose petals to make an impression but you should keep it simple – just ensure you have put enough relevant content and information that will attract the employer to invite you to a job interview. That should speak volumes! If you’re looking to stand out from the other applicants then why not use one of our graphically designed CV templates? Check them out by clicking on the samples tab at the top of the page.

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