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Negotiating Salary In A Job Interview

16828175_mSo, you’ve used the CV templates and finished writing a CV, used the cover letter templates and created the perfect cover letter, secured an interview and now you’re at the final hurdle. One of the toughest questions you’ll be asked in the final stages of the interview process is ‘What are your salary expectations?’


Answering this question correctly can be one of the most challenging parts of the entire job seeking process. You need to know that you are going to get the highest salary possible for the position and secure some great benefits but this can be tricky. Here are some ideas of ways to help during salary negotiations:

  • Do your homework. If you’re interviewing for a specialist position, use the internet to find out what the average salary is in your area. There’s no point charging into an interview and demanding a huge salary if it’s much larger than the average. Use the figure as a basis for your negotiation.
  • Establish your bottom line. You need to think about the minimum salary you would accept. Once you know that, pitch a number that is bigger. That will give you some negotiation room. Always start higher than you actually want.
  • Never start out with your expectation. If you have a figure in mind that you would accept, never start out with that. It is more likely that an employer will counter offer and try and drive your figure down, which would make it difficult for you to accept the job if the offer wasn’t high enough.
  • Spell it out. You can even put your salary expectations in a letter. In fact, some employers actually request this in the cover letter. Just make sure there are no spelling mistakes, be firm and realistic.
  • Be flexible. Depending on how much you like the company and the position, it’s always worth thinking of the bigger picture. If the salary isn’t perfect but you love the company, it’s worth asking when their reviews are held and what room there is to progress your career from within the company structure..
  • Benefits; always ask about the benefits package. A company’s basic salary may not be as good as you anticipate, but their benefits package might make up for it!

Now that you’ve got some more information on negotiating the best possible salary why not create a new CV that will allow you to demand the salary you deserve? Why not start with our CV builder tool today?