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Making Your CV Stand Out

21393218_mWhen writing a CV you should try and be different. Employers see hundreds of CV’s every week so it’s crucial that you make your CV template stand out from the crowd if you want to secure a job interview.

There are a number of ways you can spice up your CV but here are a few things to consider;

  • Highlight relevant skills. If you know the role requires specific skills or qualifications ensure you highlight these and draw attention to them.
  • Keep it newsworthy. Look at current topics – do any relate to the role or the company? Be sure to include these in your CV – perhaps in the personal statement section.
  • Be different. Instead of using the standard sentences i.e. ‘I am a trustworthy candidate’ think outside of the box. Try and be innovative – if the employer sees that your CV is completely different to everyone else then you are more likely to be invited to a job interview.
  • Keep it snappy. Try and pick the right language – using long, drawn-out sentences might bore the employer. Remember – they will probably spend less than two minutes scanning your CV so every word counts!

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