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Looking to change your career? You’ll need to change your CV!

Getting sick and tired of coming into the same job day-in-day-out? Bored of seeing the same old faces? Struggling to motivate yourself to continue down a career path you no longer wish to follow?

If you have decided to get out of your current employment and exchange that dead-end career path for one more fulfilling and fruitful, we at Jobulo are on hand to help you achieve your goal. Taking the brave step to switch your career is difficult and to ensure you have a chance when applying for jobs you have no previous experience of you’ll need your CV to be perfectly suited and adapted to your job application.

18299803_mCreating a CV for a career change is challenging as it can be tricky getting offered an employment position in a totally new industry. How do you go from a machine operator in a printing factory to an account executive in a media agency? How do you convince a real estate company you can perform well in their sales department when you only have previous experience in carpentry? This is where our CV advice articles and fantastic free to start CV builder help your search for the right career.

Although hard you shouldn’t be afraid to follow a new career path, it is certainly not impossible to completely change your career and successfully apply for a job in a new industry – people do it every day! Here are a few points you should consider when writing your CV for a career change:

  • When listing your career history, duties and achievements demonstrate how the skills you’ve applied and learned can help you succeed in the position you are applying for.
  • Your CV should show your prospective employer that you are adaptable and keen to learn new skills or new ways of working.
  • Within your CV show how your strengths and accomplishments can help you add a depth of experience to your new position – illustrate that in depth understanding of one industry sector can help you excel in another.

As you are looking to switch careers it’s clear you are looking at what you want to achieve in the future, an area which isn’t normally shown at length on most CVs however in this instance it is appropriate and beneficial for you to show what your future ambitions are and how these compliment the position you are applying for. Perhaps in your achievements section you should relate previous achievements to future ambitions and show how they will drive you to excel in the new job position you are applying for.

Get started to changing your career today and use our CV tool to get you there!