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Looking for a Job in a New City

relocating for a jobRelocation may be on your agenda at some point in your career. Some people move abroad to pursue opportunities whilst others look to relocate throughout the UK. There could be a number of reasons why you are looking for work in a different location. Either way here are some tips to help you find work.

Speak to Recruitment Companies

If you are looking for work in a different area then you should consider contacting local recruitment companies. Not only will local recruitment companies know the local area but they will also have access to a variety of job openings. Recruiters will be looking to match your CV template with relevant jobs and will target roles that are relevant to your experience and qualifications. Update your CV and check for any spelling or grammatical errors before you send it to a recruitment agency. You should then follow this up with a phone call and briefly explain your career history and why you are looking to relocate. The recruitment company will then file your CV and put you forward for positions they feel are relevant.

Visit Local Area

If you are looking to relocate to a different city then it’s likely that you have been there before. But if you are relocating and haven’t had the chance to see the local area then it’s crucial you visit. Visit local sites and get to know the city centre as this will help you with your job search and will also help you feel more settled when it comes to moving.


Networking events are a great way to meet industry contacts and to find out about opportunities. In order to maximise your chances of securing a job you should attend local networking events in the area you are looking to move to. Networking events are usually filled with local employers so take a long a copy of your CV and contact details in case you spot an opportunity.

Get Online

Online networking is crucial if you want to get your CV and profile noticed. Most companies use social media to advertise vacancies and most recruitment agencies are on social media too. If you haven’t already got a profile on Linked In or Twitter, create a profile and start following and interacting with companies based in the area you want to work in. You should also follow local recruitment companies to find out about all of the latest job vacancies. For example if you’re based in Bury St Edmonds then seek out agencies specific to that area, like these guys – Job Vacancies in Bury St. Edmunds.

Approach Employers

If there is a particular company you want to work for then why not send your CV and cover letter directly to them? You can send a speculative email to let them know you are interested in working for them. If there are currently no job vacancies then the company will probably file your CV for future reference. But there could be a small chance you’ll gain a job interview, especially if they like your work experience, so it’s definitely worth approaching employers you are interested in.