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How to Avoid Distraction During Your Job Search

lookingforworkIf you are currently looking for work you’ll probably already have a plan in action of where and when to look for a new job. But it can be easy to be distracted from your job hunt so to keep your motivation levels high, take a look at these tips to help you avoid distraction and win that job!

Make a Plan

One of the best ways to remain motivated during a job hunt and to avoid distraction is by making a plan. Making a plan for your daily job search will help you to keep focused, will give you targets to aim for and will make you feel more motivated. Structure your day and plan out your week. When do you want to search for jobs online? When do you plan to hand out copies of your CV template? When do you plan to approach recruitment companies? Planning all of this will make your week feel much more productive.

Write a To Do List

Having a to-do-list to tick off as you go can really help you to focus on your job search. Set yourself a weekly to-do-list and assess it regularly. If you get half way through the week and realise you haven’t done much on it, then you can focus and increase your work activity in the latter part of the week.

Take Regular Breaks

You will feel distracted if you spend too much time at your computer or searching for jobs. Spending too much time on a job search can lead to you feeling restless so instead take regular breaks, have a lunch break and step away from the desk every so often.

Get Outside

Exercise releases endorphins and is a proven way of making you feel more energised and motivated. A quick walk at lunchtime can really help you to regain motivation for your afternoon of job hunting and will ensure you feel focused so consider getting out and about.