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Finding a Job at a Festival

21075195_mGlastonbury has come to an end but there are plenty more festivals to look forward to over the summer. Although traditionally people head to festivals to listen to music and camp, many people also head to festivals to work. If you are looking for a job and think working at a festival could be for you, check out these tips below.

What Jobs Are Available?

There are a variety of roles available at a festival. Popular jobs include volunteering for charity, litter picking, bar work, stewarding, car parking management, food service and specialist jobs (like lighting, staging) via event companies. Although many positions are unpaid, you can earn your ticket by working in some of these roles – usually by doing a 12 hour shift a day and you can make a difference by working for charity. There really is something for everyone!

Tips When Applying for a Festival Job:

• If you have specialist experience in events or event management, then you should contact specialist recruitment companies and event companies as these are likely to have festival contacts. Update your CV with all of the relevant experience including any job roles, work experience or projects you have completed. Ensure you include references on your CV too as this will speed the process up when it comes to recruiting. After you have sent your CV in you should also try to arrange a meeting with the recruitment agent or event company to reiterate your interest in opportunities.

• Network. ‘It isn’t what you know, it’s who you know.’ A saying said in many industries and when it comes to working at festivals, this is definitely true. If you build rapport with event organisers and people who have worked at festivals before then you are more likely to find out about opportunities first hand. Head on to social networks and follow the festivals you would like to work at and find organisations that arrange staff for these and get chatting. Respond to comments and comment on topical news. If you are planning on attending a festival for fun but want to work at it next year consider talking to staff and gaining some contact information.

• Show experience. If you want to secure a role at a festival you need to show your experience and expertise. With thousands of people visiting a festival site every day the organisers need to know the people they are employing are efficient and can help the event to run smoothly. Ensure you list your expertise in your cover letter.

• Show you are not a 9-5er. Festival work is anything but 9-5. You can find yourself working long shifts without many breaks and can even find yourself working through the night. Try to demonstrate that you are flexible in your CV and personal statement.

• Have passion for music. Whether you want to work as bar staff or volunteer – you should demonstrate your passion and enthusiasm for music and festivals. You can easily do this by updating the hobbies section of your CV.