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What Jobs Are Available in a Ski Resort?

Finding Jobs at a Ski ResortTeam GB have had a successful time at the Winter Olympics 2014 so far, with professional snowboarder Jenny Jones picking up the bronze medal in the women’s slopestyle snowboarding competition in Sochi.

After winning her medal, the athlete went on to give interviews about how she got into the sport. She mentioned her first ever job in a snow resort was as a Chalet Maid, which allowed her to earn money while snowboarding and perfecting her craft in her free time.

So for anyone else out there wanting to turn a snow sport, whether it’s snowboarding or skiing, into a full time job – how can you get your start in the industry? The team at CV Surgeon recently traveled to Austria to snowboard and to check out what jobs are on offer at a traditional ski resort.

So if you’re thinking of taking off to a ski resort to learn a sport and want to update your CV with a job whilst you are there, check out these options…

Chalet Maid

Jenny Jones was a Chalet Maid before she became a professional snowboarder but what does the job involve? The main role of a Chalet Maid is to provide guests and holiday-goers with daily meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner. Usually a Chalet Maid will be located in a specific accommodation for the season and it will be there job to entertain guests, keep their chalet clean and to coordinate with their colleagues working in other offices and locations. Other duties include managing budgets, buying in food and drinks, meal planning, cleaning, customer service and admin tasks.

Waitress/Bar Staff

There are a host of bars and restaurants in ski resorts that all serve food and drink throughout the day. Whether it’s working in a bar on the slopes or working in a hotel in a resort centre, there are a number of bar staff and waitress jobs available. Duties include customer service, waiting tables, taking orders and serving drinks.


Most tour operators require reps to be based in ski resorts and to interact with holiday-goers throughout the season. And a job as a rep can definitely give you time to practice your hobby. Reps usually receive at least one or two full days off in resort per week and most companies offer reps ski lifts and equipment passes for free. Rep responsibilities can vary depending on the tour operator but general responsibilities include sales, looking after guests in the resort 24/7, organising group trips, resolving issues in the resort, liaising with local instructors to provide guests with lessons and interacting with the resort manager.


Ski resorts are full of chefs cooking in restaurants, bars and hotels and some are even hired by people staying in self catering accommodation. The duties are obvious on this one… and jobs can be found locally or through tour operators.