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Job Search Tips – Looking Out For Recruitment Trends

15797368_mLooking for a job, no matter what the industry, can be tiresome and hard work. Job hunting can even be frustrating. Why at some times of the year are there hundreds of appealing job vacancies? And then, at other times, very few? Jobulo looks at recruitment trends throughout the year to help you make the most of your job search.


When you are job hunting you should consider the area that you are looking for a job in. Throughout the year some areas will not be recruiting as much as others so perhaps, if you’re finding few jobs in your chosen area, you should consider broadening your job search? Looking elsewhere and looking into commuting might lead to more job interview success.

Employer Recruitment Plans

Depending on the industry, some companies have specific times throughout the year where they hire. Look into different industry hiring patterns and ensure you don’t miss out.


If you’re interested in working in the service industry, remember that a lot of these vacancies are based on seasonal trends. The summer will usually bring more restaurant and bar work opportunities whereas Christmas traditionally sees more vacancies in the retail sector. To improve your chances of securing a job you should target these industries at the right of time of year.

Industry Specific

If you are looking to work in a specific industry but have found very few vacancies available don’t be disheartened. Different industries have downturns at different times so check industry figures and hiring activity and be patient. If there are very few paid opportunities in your chosen sector you could always work in an internship or gain work experience in the interim to boost your CV.