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Skype Job Interview Tips

7626575_mWhether you are applying for a job abroad or are going through the first stage of an interview process, you could find yourself having a job interview via Skype. With more and more companies using video technology to interview candidates, it’s now more crucial than ever to concentrate on improving your video job interview skills. So if you have a Skype job interview coming up, how can you ensure you impress the employer and get invited to a face to face interview?

Print Out Your CV

Having a copy of your CV to hand during a Skype interview is vital because an employer will probably be referring to it throughout the interview. If an employer asks you about a specific job on your CV and you can’t remember the details of what you included on your CV then it can make you look unprepared. Spend time before the interview familiarising yourself with your CV content and ensure you have a copy to hand during the interview to refer to.

Dress Smartly

Although you are probably not even going to leave the house, it’s still important to dress smartly for your job interview. The employer will probably be able to see what you are wearing during the job interview so it’s crucial you look professional. Dressing appropriately will also help you to get into the job interview frame of mind and should make you feel more motivated.

Be Punctual

If an employer has scheduled a time to call you for the interview, ensure you are ready! Have your interview outfit on and be sat in a quiet location ready to talk. An employer will find it very frustrating if they call you and you don’t answer the phone – treat it like a face to face interview and be on time!


Choose a location where you know you are not going to be interrupted. Ensure it is quiet so you can hear the questions and answer and also try to pick somewhere with good lighting.

Take Time to Answer

If the employer asks you a question that you don’t know how to answer then ensure you take time to deliver your response. An employer will appreciate pauses more than you rambling off an answer that is irrelevant so take time to respond.

Have Job Details In Front of You

During the job interview the employer will no doubt ask you questions based on the job so it is crucial that you know the responsibilities and how you can add value to the organisation. Print off the job advert and prepare some answers as to why you could be the right candidate for the job!

Ensure you thank the employer for their time at the end of the interview and ask what the next step is in the interview process to reiterate your interest in the company and, if you’re successful, to allow for plenty of time to prepare for the next interview.