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Job Interview Practice

9005606_mIf you have sent out your CV template to an employer and been selected for a job interview – well done! But this could automatically leave you feeling nervous about your interview preparation. One effective way of preparing for an interview is practice!

You’ve probably heard people say ‘practice makes perfect’ and this is certainly true when it comes to job interview preparation. While there are some things you can’t prepare for, like curveball questions, you can work on a lot of other things that might improve your chances of getting the job.

Interview body language, voice tones and dress code are all things you can prepare for in advance. When it comes to the questioning side of things you can also think about typical job interview questions and how you might answer them.

There are a variety of other ways to practice:

  • Ask a friend to interview you as the employer and practice your responses on them
  • Write down possible interview questions and your answers
  • Ask a group of friends to interview you – in case you go to a group interview
  • Sit in front of a mirror and look at your facial expressions
  • To measure your tone you could record your interview answers and play them back
  • Re-read your CV and familiarise yourself with everything on it
  • Ask a friend to take a call from you to practice a telephone interview
  • Get someone to ask you a list of questions about the company to test your knowledge of the employer

Choosing something from above might help you to feel less nervous and more prepared. There will almost certainly be things that you cannot prepare for but by practicing you should feel more confident.