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Is Body Language Important During a Job Interview?

15662436_mWith so many things to remember before you attend a job interview, is it necessary to focus on body language? Most experts say yes and here’s why.

It Can Make the Employer Feel Positive

One of the main reasons why good body language is crucial during a job interview is because it can really set the tone. If you have bad body language including crossing your arms, facing away from the employer, looking bored and not maintaining eye contact then it can make the employer feel uneasy and even put them in a negative mood. By making your body language positive by sitting upright, smiling, nodding and maintaining eye contact you can make a big impact on the atmosphere in the room and it will help the employer to feel more positive about your interview.

It Indicates Your Personality

Body language can actually give an employer an insight into you as a candidate and will indicate whether you would fit in with the company culture and team. If you are defensive or negative about a certain topic it can show an employer your work attitude and could hinder your chances of securing the job. But remaining positive throughout the interview and receptive to topics the employer talks about should help you to make an impression!

It Looks Professional

Positive body language will demonstrate to the employer that you are professional and happy to be at the interview. By practicing positive body language before a job interview you could improve your chances of gaining a second interview.

It Makes You Stand Out

If there are a number of other candidates being interviewed for the job and the majority of them display negative body language, you could make yourself stand out by demonstrating positive body language. If an employer is in a good mood after an interview they are more likely to remember you so body language can definitely make an impact.