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Five Things You Should Know About Job Interviews

5801019_mRead on for five things you need to know about job interviews:

First Impressions Count

First impressions are crucial when it comes to attending a job interview. The employer has seen your CV and your credentials and inviting you to a job interview is their chance to meet you and to find out more. If you turn up to the interview in jeans and looking dishevelled it’s unlikely the employer will want to hire you, even if you have an amazing CV. Most employers will be judging you on first impressions, especially if you have applied for a customer facing role. So make a good first impression – dress smart, arrive on time or early and ensure you prepare.

They Are All Different

Although there is plenty of job interview advice you can follow, there unfortunately isn’t a guide that will 100% prepare you for an interview and that’s because everyone is different! Some employers use interview testing, some employers have group interviews and others have a more informal interview process. Spend as much time preparing as possible but be prepared to think on your feet because every interview is different.

There Could Be Several Stages

If you have really impressed during the first interview don’t automatically assume you have got the job. Most businesses have a second interview stage and some have more than this. Stay alert through the entire first interview and ensure you let the employer know you are keen to progress within the process.

A Good Interview Doesn’t Guarantee You the Job
Performing well during a job interview is vital as it will impress the employer and definitely improve your chances of securing the job. But it doesn’t necessarily mean you will be hired. There are a combination of things an employer will need to assess before hiring someone – CV writing, cover letters, interview performance, body language, time keeping, desire to work in the industry… the list goes on!

You Should Follow Up

If you fail to follow up your job interview then you could be missing out on the position. Some employers expect candidates to follow up a job interview as this reaffirms your interest in the job. Others are extremely busy and if not followed up, may forget your application. If it’s been over a week since your interview consider calling the employer to find out the outcome.